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This site is dedicated to those who's life has been

 disrupted by murder.


Hi and welcome to my web page. I have for some time been writing applications in Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual C# and I have put together a few sample applications. These are free ware for any one who has a use for them. They have been written in several computer languages that are.


Microsoft Visual Basic 6

Microsoft Visual Basic Net

Microsoft Visual Basic 2005

Microsoft Visual C# 2005

All applications in this site have been updated to or originally written in either

Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 or Microsoft Visual C# 2005.

The Right Answer
To get the right answer.
You must ask the right question!

Reality is what ever you believe it to be.

Those thing no one has worked out how to do YET.



Home The Kapiti Coast,

North of Wellington,

New Zealand.


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